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Faster Therapy Highlights Five Habits That Exacerbate Anxiety and Offers Solutions

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CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM, May 17, 2024 / -- Faster Therapy, an online therapy company based in Cardiff, has identified five common habits that can worsen anxiety and offers practical strategies to help individuals break the cycle of anxiety and fear.

Anxiety is a widespread issue, and many people unknowingly engage in behaviours that exacerbate their anxiety. Faster Therapy aims to educate the public on these habits and provide effective solutions for managing anxiety.

Why Avoidance Makes Anxiety Worse
Avoidance of anxiety-provoking situations prevents the brain from learning that these situations are safe, reinforcing the belief that they are dangerous. This creates a cycle of negative reinforcement, making anxiety worse over time. Faster Therapy emphasises the importance of gradually facing fears to help the brain gather evidence that these situations can be handled safely.

Five Habits That Worsen Anxiety

Description: Steering clear of anxiety-inducing situations.
Reason: Provides short-term relief.
Long-term Impact: Increases anxiety and makes it harder to face fears.
Solution: Gradually expose yourself to these situations to build resilience.

Description: Leaving a situation when anxiety arises.
Reason: Quick relief from discomfort.
Long-term Impact: Reinforces the need to escape.
Solution: Practice staying in the situation longer each time to build tolerance.
Catastrophic Thinking

Description: Imagining the worst possible outcomes.
Reason: Feels like preparing for the worst.
Long-term Impact: Increases overall anxiety and stress.
Solution: Challenge these thoughts by considering more balanced outcomes and focusing on evidence.

Description: Withdrawing from social interactions to feel safe.
Reason: Reduces immediate anxiety.
Long-term Impact: Leads to increased anxiety and loneliness.
Solution: Slowly reintroduce social activities and interactions to reduce feelings of isolation.
Comfort Eating

Description: Turning to food for comfort.
Reason: Provides a dopamine boost.
Long-term Impact: Creates unhealthy eating habits and doesn't address the root of the anxiety.
Solution: Identify emotional triggers for eating and seek healthier coping mechanisms.
Techniques to Manage Anxiety
Faster Therapy also offers four techniques to help manage anxiety effectively:

Daily Positivity: Write down three or four positive things each day to focus on the good in every situation.
Deep Breathing: Practice deep breathing exercises to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and calm the mind and body.
Challenge Negative Thoughts: Look for evidence to counter negative thoughts and replace them with more balanced perspectives.
Gradual Exposure: Consistently challenge yourself to face the things you fear to expand your comfort zone.
Faster Therapy provides solution-focused hypnotherapy and talking therapy to help individuals overcome anxiety. Their personalised treatment plans combine therapeutic conversations with hypnosis to foster positive change.

For more information or to book a free initial consultation, please contact Faster Therapy at 020 3540 4251 or visit

About Faster Therapy

Faster Therapy is an online therapy company based in Cardiff, United Kingdom, specialising in hypnotherapy and Havening. Their mission is to help individuals overcome anxiety and achieve a more confident, stress-free life.

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